How to go From Talking to Dating

mpowering ways to go from talking to dating

When it comes to dating in the modern world, it can be a frustrating experience for many hopeful singles. The objective is to meet a great person who you connect with in order to build a great connection. Despite the simplicity of the goal, lazy ‘left swipe’ culture can prevent some great dates from ever happening.

If you have been falling into endless traps of online conversations that head nowhere recently, then you certainly are not alone. Although there are a wide variety of single daters using apps and match websites, it can actually be harder than first expected to progress from an initial cyber chat to a ‘real life’ date face to face.

Thankfully, there is a better way of getting a date.

We all know what a waste of time it feels to pour your energies into an online chat with a prospective date only for it to trail off into silent nothingness. We strike up an engaging conversation about what we’re most passionate about and get excited to find we have something in common, only for the flirtatious thread to run dry within a few days.

Bored of dating dead-ends? Of course you are, who wouldn’t be.

To save you from any further online dating disasters, here are…

5 empowering ways to go from talking to dating:

 1.  Identify who is worth your time.  It might be tempting to throw out the net as widely as possible in the hopes of a catch yet this approach tends to create impersonal disconnection and further frustration. Take time to read the profiles of your prospective matches. Do you have something in common with them? What does their profile really say about who they really are? Take notice of their use of language during initial conversation too. Do they seem authentically interested or do their one word replies and long delays between replies tell another story? Allow your instincts to guide you away from any time-wasters.

2.  Set yourself apart from the rest of the crowd.  You’re unique and you want your date to know that. Sending a simple ‘hey’ message and expecting incredible romance to blossom from it is entirely  unrealistic. Embrace old fashioned chivalry using the resources you have available to you online. The Drynks website features a custom ‘wish list’ option which allows you to send a luxury gift to the person you’re attracted to. Send a bouquet to show you care. Plus, it’s a great talking point to use to later establish that all important first date. 

3. Use their personal interests as a building block.  Perhaps the person you’re speaking to appreciates modern art. Use this information to develop a conversation to  find out more about them. Then, progress to suggest a date that includes their personal passion. It will feel less awkward than suggesting a date out of the blue and they will be more likely to attend if they realize you’ve considered their interests. Be the kind of guy who leaves an impression for the right reasons—even before you’ve actually met in person.

4. Be specific about your desires but never pushy.  It’s okay to be clear about the fact you are using a dating site to meet someone rather than gain a pointless pen pal. It’s helpful to other daters to know what you’re looking for in order to create the right kind of relationship. However, nudging someone to meet you before they’re ready won’t end well. Respect the other person’s pace and meet when you’re both ready. The right person won’t mess you around. In the mean time, send them a thoughtful wish list gift to get them excited about meeting you in person.

5. Be the kind of person your dream date wants.  Instead of solely thinking about who you want to date, consider also who your ideal match might be looking for. What individual qualities do you hold that might be attractive to the right person? What could you share on your online profile to catch the attention of the kind of individuals you want to spend your time with? Take a second look at the details you have shared and the photographs you’ve uploaded to represent yourself. Is there any room for improvement in order to maximize your chances of romantic success? Minor tweaks and adjustments could make the key difference between forever staying trapped in an inbox online and an unforgettable first date with someone special.

This is the perfect moment to change your future dating experiences for the better. You don’t need to waste a minute more of your valuable time on poor quality matches. You deserve more than to have to ensure disappointing online chats that go nowhere. Let go of those endless dead-end cyber chats once and for. Do so in order to create room in your life to pursue the kind of romantic experiences you really want.

One well-timed gift could lead you to the first date of your dreams.

In order to find the kind of person you really want to date, you need to spend your time in spaces that reflect the kind of standards you value yourself. Choose to approach online dating in a refreshingly efficient way, by using a dating site that allows you to express yourself beyond a few photos and a gimmicky tag line. Drynks is the space for you to be that person, no matter who you’re looking to meet.

So—what are you waiting for? The right matches are waiting for you to connect!

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