DrYnks Instagram and TikTok Ambassador Program

Online dating for those in a different league

DrYnks Instagram and TikTok Ambassador Program

Online dating for those in a different league

With DrYnks’ Instagram AND TikTok ambassador program, we want you more involved than simply posting for us. We want you as a partner that makes monthly money, plus residual income for years based on sign ups.

• You make $50-$500 per month (possibly more if signups are great) for making and posting videos (explained below)

• You make residual income for years as people who have signed up under you, go on dates through our referral program (explained below)

Drynks is a new dating platform where successful guys (or girls) incentivize beautiful people (again, girls or guys) to go on dates. They do this by leading into the date with not only the restaurant, but also with incentives like covering someone’s hair and makeup.

This document will explain:

1. How you can make money as a DrYnks Ambassador, member, and in it’s referral program
2. Types of videos we would like you to make (geared towards men and geared towards woman)
3. Video requirements
4. Features of DrYnks that make us better than any other competitor

How You Make Money with Drynks

As a DrYnks Ambassador you make $50-$500 per month (possibly more if sign ups are great) for making and posting videos
• You get to decide how many videos you make (we recommend 4 per month). The more videos, the more signups, and the more commission to you
• You get paid $50 for joining Drynks (with 10 gorgeous pix of yourself) so you have your own referral code, and posting that on your video, so other can join under you. You get your “referral code” by going under the “Banks” tab and copying your unique link assigned to you

Upon posting your video (requirements discussed below) you will get $50, then, depending on how many people sign up under you, you get $10 credit for every person that wants to get paid for a date, or $20 for every person that wants to pay for date. At the end of the month, we tally up your sign ups under you, and if it beats the $50, then we will give you the difference.

So, for example, let’s say 20 girls join who want to get paid for dates (worth $200), and 15 guys sign up who want to pay for dates (worth $300). That would be a total commission of $500. Since we have already paid you the $50 to begin with, you will receive the additional $450 in your DrYnks account for that month. Then next month, it starts all over again.

This is why we recommend you do many videos (at least 4) so that you get more sign ups.

People signing up to “pay” for dates are harder to get (i.e. actual paying guys), so videos geared to them, helps us out more, and will make you more commissions.

How You Make Money as a DrYnks Member

  • In addition to being an Ambassador, you can also make money as a DrYnks Member by actually going on dates. This will also give you ideas on what videos to make. (more video ideas later on the features of DrYnks)

  • As a member (user) you make money

    • You can go on paid dates to nice restaurants and be pampered. Funds verified before date and discreetly transferred to your DrYnks account

    • Opening Chats with each person gets you $1. We recommend you open chat with a 100 people!

    • Doing a virtual date gets you $9-$30 (you can see the other person without having to give out your personal info). During Virtual Dates, the other person can gift you items from your Wish List

    • Doing a Voice Call Chat using the DrYnks system, gets you paid between $3-$7.50 per call. Again, this is mainly to keep your identify protected. 

    • You can ask for gifts from your Wish Lis.
    • You can upload and sell videos to selected individuals. Members CANNOT buy the videos without your prior approval. 
    • You even make money every time you send a photo or receive a photo using the DrYnks chat system when the person you are chatting with opens the attachment.

How You Make Money with Drynks Referral Program

  • In addition to the Ambassador Program, and in addition to going on dates, you can make additional money from the Referral program

  • As mentioned, you get a unique link from the “Banks” section to have people sign up under you. In addition to the commission we pay ($10 for people who want to go on dates and $20 for people who want to pay for dates) you get $25 more when any of the people under you go on a paid date through the DrYnks platform. Yes, that’s in addition to all the other money you make

  • Referrals go 3 levels deep. So, you make money from people you refer, and people they refer, and people they refer. The system automatically tracks everyone under you, and tally’s up the dates they have gone. In your “referred Hierarchy” you can see every who has signed up under you, and in your “bank” section you can see how much in referrals you have earned

  • Each referral can earn up to $250 generated from dates, which means you could be getting paid for years for that referral. The percentages and a nifty video exist explaining everything under the “banks” tab

Video Requirements

Each video needs to have at least the following:

  1. The Videos must be on both Instagram and TikTok 
  2. You must press Collab on TikTok and Instagram when posting the videos
  3. Explain that DrYnks is a new dating Platform (its not an app, because apple won’t let incentivized dating be an app) for successful and beautiful people (if you don’t explain some people think you’re just getting ready for regular drinks)
  4. Tell people to be serious. If you are successful, then you can offer something. If you are beautiful be beautiful enough that you know you are going to get date offers. Profiles are rated and funds are verified, so if you are not serious, don’t waste your time. You’ll be spotted out
  5. Tell people they need to have 5-10 pictures uploaded and a good profile. When you have only one pix, it shows you don’t care
  6. Talk about why you like DrYnks,  why guys should join, why girls should joint what’s better about DrYnks vs. others. Possibly explain the unique DrYnks features, such as DrYnksNow, verified payments, discreet payments, safety measures (meet in public locations only, ratings after going on dates, verified profiles), etc. This part is your creative part and up to you
  7. A call to action. For Example: Join DrYnks Now (make sure you are sharing your personal DrYnks Referral Link so you get referral credit)

*You could also do a series of videos, like going on a DrYnks date. A series of videos showing each of these: Getting on the platform, showing how it works, setting a date, getting excited for it, getting ready for the date, and meeting the person, and having dinner somewhere, Dating Advise to Men to be successful at going on DrYnks Dates specifically, Dating Advise to women to be successful at going on DrYnks Dates specifically.  I can get someone to have a paid date with you or if you have a friend, and we film it like a real life show etc

Videos For Those Who Want to Take Others on a Date and Pay for the Date (usually men)

Videos we want. We have 85% women who want to get paid, and only 15% guys who want to pay. So, we really need paying guys to join.

• Video’s geared to guys. We do not want creeps, people expecting sex right away, people thinking that because they are pampering a girl automatically allows them anything sexual. We want normal guys, who would not otherwise meet a beautiful girl (different social circles, don’t hang out in same bars, clubs, etc. and may be looked over on Tinder or Bumble) out for dinner and drinks. Maybe the guy is a little older and works as an engineer and doesn’t normally meet girls in his social circle and wants the opportunity to meet someone beautiful that he normally would not come across. We absolutely do not want people looking for prostitutes or sex right away. There are other sites for that

• The push back for most guys is they say they don’t want to “pay” for a girl. It hurts their ego, so the message has to be on why they SHOULD pamper a girl. For example, I (as a 52 year old guy) would pay for a girl to have dinner, because it gives me a leg up in meeting her. A beautiful girl gets messaged by a million people, probably younger and hotter than me. But, by inviting a girl to a nice restaurant and showing that I “care” by offering $150 or $200 to cover her time, I now get to “cut in line” and be taken more seriously. Your videos need to show how if they “invest” in a girl’s time, they may get that back tenfold. They need to be shown that the extra money is appreciated, shows that they are of a higher class and success level. Maybe a little like a nightclub. Bottle service costs $1,000 but people do it to show a different level, VIP level, cut in line level. Same goes here. A beautiful girl might take me more seriously, if I’m uping my game

Make the guy feel like a Super Star. That he shows off his financial success, his “coolness”. Make him feel like James Bond. 

• By offering pampering, I save time and I cut in front of Bullshiter who promise things and never deliver. DrYnks has a rating system (discussed below) that shows who is real and who is not. DrYnks verifies funds, so the girls know the money is real

• If you are willing to go on DrYnks Dates that may be a very easy way to get guys to join. Simply letting them know that you have set a DrYnksNow date for next Saturday (DrYnksNow will be explained), will get all your guy followers to join. For example, you can say “guys, I’m currently single, and I’ve set a DrYnksNow date for next Saturday at the hottest restaurant, who wants to take me? If you do, sign up for Drynks, my screen name is XXXX, look for my DrYnksNow date and press “interested”, and I’ll respond”. That would get you lots of guys to sign up

• Other things guys like: Girls are rated, so no catfishing. Verification videos exist. Virtual Dates exist so you can see the girl and see how you connect. The ratings include punctuality and if they match their pictures and if they cancel a lot, etc. It’s a big time saver for  guys. Using DrYnksNow, you can set a date for next week, and with one click invite 20 people, instead of having to send out 20 messages and invites. Uploading funds for the date shows the girl that the guy is serious and gets more of her attention and him taken seriously. Discreet funds transfer avoids awkwardness of handing girl the money

Videos For Those Who Want to be Taken a Date and be Spoiled and Pampered (usually women)

  • Videos we want. Even though we need more men, we always need more beautiful women

  • The problem with girls is that everyone one thinks if they put up a profile they can get paid dates and that’s just not true. A girl really needs to assess is she beautiful or charming enough that people will pay for dates with them. Yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but some profiles are so bad, with bad backgrounds, and horrible dress and skanky etc. Some education needs to be made as to how to have a good profile, and look beautiful, etc. 

  • We do not want prostitutes. We don’t mind “sugar babies” but keep it light. Its about going out and meeting people rather than jumping into bed. I think if we give this message across, a wider range of girls will join.

Here are points that usually work for women:

    • The meetings can only be in public places. No hotels or private residences. The fact that the guy “pays” through our site means we have his real name and some financial info

    • DrYnks charges a small fee to handle the date transaction. But if people try to go around it, then they are not guaranteed that the funds are verified, no discreet transfer of funds, nor can either party rate one another (being rated increases your chances of getting quality Date Requests).  I would imagine people that are going to do anything criminal, would not go through our site, rather a site that they can remain fully anonymous with no such security measures

    • Cut through the BS. Instead of talking to a million creeps who have no intention of following through, they can ask that funds be uploaded for the date and see who is serious. They can also look for rated guys. Rated Guys means they have gone on dates. If a guy has been on the site for 1 year and never been rated, that gives a girl an inclination that this guy just wants to waste time

    • Lots of ways to make money. Chats, virtual dates, dates, gifts, referrals, videos

What is a DrYnksNow Date vs. a Regular DrYnks Date

  • A DrYnksNow date focuses on the date itself, not necessarily on the person. So, let’s say I was from out of town and going to be in town for one night next week, or I wanted a date for next Saturday. Instead of messaging 50 girls, then seeing who responds, then opening chat with them, and then asking them if they are available next Saturday, I just set up a DrYnksNow date for next Saturday, offer the restaurant and the pampering I want, and automatically every person in that vicinity pops up, and I select the ones I want to invite. The date then goes onto a public board where others can see it and show interest

In your case, you would set up a DrYnksNow date for next week, at a restaurant you want, and ask for the pampering you want and set the date. Then do a video on your IG that says, guy’s I have a DrYnksNow date set for next week (don’t tell them where, because location stays private until they pay… we don’t want a 100 guys rolling up on you). Then all your followers would join DrYnks and click that they are “interested” in your DrYnksNow date. You see the 50 people who have shown interest, and unlock chat with as many as you want. Then you could do a Virtual Date with them and see who you like best and who is creepy, and then accept the guy or guys that you do like. The first one of the guys that you accept to fund the date, wins that date and you guys are off to your date. At the start of the date, you both press the “Start Date” button, and funds transfer.

What makes us better

    • Integrity. No fake profiles, no bots, no scams

    • Verified profiles and making it difficult to have fake accounts; Ratings on profiles so you know people are real, punctual, fun. No catfishing

    • Funds verification so you know money is real, and discreet funds transfer (avoids awkwardness); Public-only meets (safety); Set up for DrYnks, not Sex (think about it “Seeking Benefits” or “Secret Benefits” “How Much You are..” connotation vs. DrYnks)

    • Save time by asking for funds to be put up. Save time by setting a DrYnksNow date

    • Virtual Dates, video sales, getting paid for chats

    • Referral Program that pays